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Kids Krav-Maga (self-defence)

As parents of younger children ourselves, we are constantly aware of the dangers facing children in our country today. This, along with the growing problem of bullying, have lead us to develop a program to teach kids the necessary tools needed to defend themselves in the time of need.
The program is based on the Krav-Maga concepts and mind set. The curriculum is comprised of the most practical self-defence techniques well suited for the child learner.
Our kids Krav-Maga program offers students a complete self-achievement and self-defence solution IKM South Africa links the most effective self-defence and self-discipline techniques which in turn provides your child with a realistic arsenal of skills to help defend against a confrontation, attempted abduction or assault.

Kids Krav builds

  • Confidence in knowing they can handle themselves in the face of aggression.

  • Empowerment knowing they can achieve a level of status among peers.

  • Discipline in handling confrontations through effective verbal communication first.

  • Improved self-image which reflects in the way they carry themselves, walk, talk and communicate with others and excel in life.

  • Increased mental energy to excel in school

  • Weight loss / muscle tone through conditioning drills and resistance from bag work.

  • Increased strength and endurance to excel in other sports

  • Improved flexibility and coordination to prevent injuries.

  • Improve posture and overall appearance this directly affects confidence.