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Self Defence Training


Kids From 4+ years old 
Adults from 14+ years old

Krav-Maga provides simple solutions to fighting more than one assailant, armed or unarmed, in today’s reality.


What is Krav-Maga?

Experience the Ultimate Self-Defence System: Krav Maga Training! 🥋🔥

Looking to develop practical self-defence skills while getting in great shape? Look no further than Krav Maga training! 🥊💪

At Warrior Sports, we offer comprehensive Krav Maga classes designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques to protect yourself in real-world situations. Krav Maga is a combat system developed for the Israeli Defence Forces that focuses on practical and instinctive self-defence techniques. 🇮🇱🛡️

Our experienced instructors will guide you through a curriculum that covers striking, grappling, ground fighting, and defensive tactics. You'll learn how to effectively neutralize threats, disarm attackers, and navigate various scenarios with confidence and efficiency. 🥊🔒

Krav Maga's strength lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. It is a practical self-defence system that doesn't rely on size or strength. By emphasizing natural body movements and efficient techniques, Krav Maga enables individuals of all ages and fitness levels to protect themselves effectively. 💥💪

Apart from self-defence skills, Krav Maga training offers a plethora of physical and mental benefits. It improves your cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. It also boosts your confidence, situational awareness, and ability to handle stress. 🌟🧠

Join our Krav Maga classes and become part of a supportive community dedicated to your personal growth and safety. Whether you're a beginner or have previous martial arts experience, our classes provide a safe and empowering environment to learn and develop your skills. 🥋💯

Don't wait to empower yourself with the ultimate self-defense system. Join our Krav Maga training classes and learn to protect yourself and loved ones while gaining strength, confidence, and peace of mind. 🛡️💪

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What do you get?

  • Classes are an hour long that consist of warmups and then self defence techniques, bagwork, padwork and  partner pressure drills.

  • Free bonus Saturday morning open class.

  • Krav-Maga syllabus and gradings for those that want to take their Krav training further.

Class times:

Monday and Wednesday 18:30 (Adults 14+)

Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 ( Adults 14+)

Monday and Wednesday 16:30 (Kids 4 - 13years old)

Saturday morning open Mat class 7:30


Our memberships all have a 60 day cancellation notice, no long contracts.

Our memberships start at R750pm for 7+ Years old, and R600pm for kids 4 - 6 years old, with a once off joining fee of R350. Family Discounts available.


Please book a trial class below and admin can run through the various membership options and family discounts with you when you come in for your class.

To sign up after you will need your personal info and banking details for the debit order on the system and card to pay for your first months fees.


Book a trial class

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