Week 1: Habits - Addressing Mind, Body, and Emotion

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Your emotions are your trigger! when it comes to habits and habit change. Learn how to become aware of your emotional triggers and how to take charge of them.

Week 2: Mind over Matter

Learn the powerful tool of visualization, the key used by professional athletes to hit the next level in competition. How the mind- body connection creates super-results.

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Week 3: How to Build Positive Habits

How to create habit stacks so each new positive habit builds upon the other, edging out old habit patterns.

Week 4: Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Discover what self-sabotage is really about and how to navigate your way out when you find yourself in the "danger zone". How to use bets and accountability. 


What to do when you find yourself slipping into old patterns when life gets hard. Pass the test! 

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Week 6: Reaching the Next Level

Stepping into the new you. Setting up challenges for motivation, finding community. Use the athlete within to be a catalyst for others.

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