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Sensei Stefan Brown










I started boxing in 1977 under Coach Saunders in Brits. At that time i also joined the Wresling club and the Karate club – JKA.

In 1981 i joined the S.A.Police where i was selected to join the Special Task Force, specializing in releasing of hostages. We were trained in a combination of selfdefence methods.

During 2006 i started kickboxing to bond with my son, Stiaan and found it very stimulating. We both took it very seriously, and started training under Shihan James Vermaak.I excelled because of my background.

Jan 2008 I started my own Kickboxing club under the tutoring of Shihan Trevor Clark, where i grade for Black belt in kickboxing at Warrior Sports. Later that year i partecipate at WTKA Italy in the World Championships.

My club excelled and Sensei Brandin Fourie joined us and we renamed  Warrior Sports to Tri Dragon Sports, where we started with Mixed Martial Arts.

In 2010 I grade for my 2 nd Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing, and started concentrating on Krav Maga under Sensei Brett Clark, where I completed a same cources successfully in this eclectic selfdefence system used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

In January 2012 I left Tri Dragons and started a Warrior Sports club under Shihan Trevor Clark. In July 2012 I complete my Civil Instructors Course in Krav Maga under Gabi Noah IKM.

There are still a huge amount of things I want to accomplish, and believe to be a student in Martial Arts forever.



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