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Warrior Xfit Funtional fitness

Warrior Xfit functional fitness Training: Build Muscle And Torch Fat At Once!


Metabolic resistance training is one of the best, most intense strategies for building muscle, torching fat, and improving overall physical fitness... at the same time. If you are tired of the usual boring gym routine and long cardio workouts, this is the programme for you.

Every session there will be new circuits, challenges, Matt work, weights, sport and core conditioning drills, games and more. All designed to get you into the best shape quickly!

Although these programs are high intensity they can be done by anyone, no matter your fitness level. Most of the circuits are done by time so its up to you to push yourself as hard as you can go in the time slot. But best of all you will be training hard while having fun, no same old routine day after day.

We have classes Monday - Thursday and Saturday mornings.

There are different packages available depending on how many times you would like to train per week Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

We have classes Monday - Thursday and Saturday mornings.

There are different packages available depending on how many times you would like to train per week Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.




  • ​ I joined Warriorsports Bootcamp in Janaury 2013. I always had the best intentions of exercising and being healthy, but never found something that I enjoyed or kept me interested for long enough, until bootcamp ..... Now, I am addicted!!
  •  I was hesitant of doing any exercise in group form as you can easily feel embarrassed for not being the strongest or the fastest or lifting the heaviest weight! In the classes it is the exact opposite! Not once have I felt embarrassed or inferior to anyone stronger or leaner than myself, instead we are all being inspired and motivated by Geraldine and Ryan. Everyone runs together, suffers together and everyone sweats together!! 
  • Since I started, I have lost weight, I am stronger. I am leaner. I sleep better. My posture has improved. I used to suffer from back ache, since my core muscles got stronger, my back ache is gone. 
  • Apart from the physical changes, I am more confident, Lifting weights does something to your morale!!!  I have met new people and made new friends that I know I will have forever!! Being part of this wonderful group of people, made me feel part of something!
  •   I am no longer a WORRIER, but now a WARRIOR!! Elni Botha
  • I’ve never really been one for writing testimonials etc as i have always felt its up to the individuals unique experience on whatever the subject might be that matters. 

       I cant say i feel the same way about Warrior Sport Boot Camp because from youngster to elder, to fat to thin every single        one of my team members share the exact same experience as me!

       I started at Warrior Sport Boot Camp around a year ago, completely new to fitness and to be honest somewhat                          frightened and intimidated but from the first day they made me feel secure, looked after and without me even asking              they assessed my fitness and confidence levels and trained me accordingly!

      Goal setting but more importantly, achieving those goals is their number one priority!

      I went from having 21% body fat and only being able to do one girl push up and one assisted squat to a proud 14% body fat       and being able to to the full 300 workout as well as completing numerous triathlons and black opp obstacle and strength       courses!

      I highly recommend Warrior Sport Boot camp to anyone of any age, any fitness level... pretty much any one with a dream      of become the absolute best they can be!

     Like they say at Warrior Sport Boot camp, if you can dream it... we can achieve it together!!! Thanx 4 the most incredible        year of motivation, achievement, self discovery and personal growth!  Laurene Pretorius


  •  Bootcamp changed my whole outlook on exercising! I am and always have been a fitness fanatic, but couldn't find time in my schedule to exercise as much as I wanted to. When I started bootcamp this wasn't a problem anymore. After an hour of intense training you definitely don't feel like you haven't done enough. I've never felt this strong and healthy in my life, and the people you meet in class is a bonus. It's definitely a big part of what keeps you motivated and coming back. We all have to make it through the hour and we support each other all the way. Sincerely Susan Jordaan