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Mixed Striking & MMA Class

Kids From 7+ years old
Adults from 14+ years old

This is a open striking class taking techniques from our various stand up styles and mixing them into one class. Boxing, Kickboxing and Muaythai for the mixed striking and MMA.

Image by Zachary Kadolph
Image by Jonathan Tomas

What is Mixed striking?

Experience the Ultimate Striking Fusion in our Mixed Striking Class! 🥊💥

Ready to take your striking skills to the next level? Look no further than our exhilarating Mixed Striking class, where we combine the best of kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing for an explosive training experience! 💪🔥

In our Mixed Striking class at Warrior Sports, you'll have the unique opportunity to learn and practice techniques from multiple striking martial arts disciplines. From the powerful punches of boxing to the devastating kicks of Muay Thai and the dynamic combinations of kickboxing, this class offers a comprehensive and diverse training experience. 🥋🥊🦵

Led by experienced instructors well-versed in these disciplines, our classes focus on technique, conditioning, and sparring drills. You'll develop a solid foundation in striking, footwork, and defensive maneuvers while gaining strength, speed, and agility. Each session will challenge you, push your limits, and enhance your overall striking proficiency. 💥💪

Mixed Striking not only provides an incredible physical workout but also enhances mental focus, discipline, and strategic thinking. As you progress, you'll develop sharper reflexes, improved coordination, and heightened situational awareness, allowing you to react and respond effectively in any combat situation. 🧠🌟

Join our vibrant community and experience the thrill of combining the artistry and power of kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, our Mixed Striking class offers a dynamic and inclusive environment where you can refine your skills, challenge yourself, and unleash your full striking potential. 🥊🔥

Don't miss out on this opportunity to master the art of mixed striking. Join our Mixed Striking class today and discover the ultimate fusion of striking martial arts! 💥🥋

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What do you get?

  • Classes are an hour long. Warmups,  boxing, kickboxing and Muaythai techniques, partner drills and sparring.

  • Free bonus Saturday morning open class.

  • Adults and kids classes available from 7+ years old.

Class times:

Tuesday and Thursday 16:30

Saturday morning open Mat class 7:30


Our memberships all have a 60 day cancellation notice, no long contracts.

Our memberships start at R750pm for 7+ Years old, with a once off joining fee of R350. Family Discounts available.

Please book a trial class below and admin can run through the various membership options and family discounts with you when you come in for your class.

To sign up after you will need your personal info and banking details for the debit order on the system and card to pay for your first months fees.

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