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Kickboxing! The word itself speaks volumes about this fresh style of martial arts, which is no-nonsense and sleek style of decimating your enemy. It is a martial art which blends the grace of boxing with the powerful maneuvers of kicking styles. So boxing tips and techniques can come in handy here. A kick boxing workout routine is a great way of staying in shape and toughening up for life. Kickboxing is not just for martial arts experts. Any person can benefit from going for a kickboxing workout routine even if he does not intend to compete in actual kickboxing tournaments.

Kick boxing training strengthens the arms and legs, sculpting them to perfection. It is now widely popular as a strength workout routine among fitness enthusiasts. A kickboxing workout routine, based on intense aerobic moves can burn as much as 500 - 800 calories per hour. 

There are many advanced moves which require more skill, co-ordination and maneuvering. They are all mostly combination of all the basic kicking and punching moves. To learn these, you need to take some live training from a qualified kickboxing training instructor. Kickboxing workout plans can then be worked out depending on the moves you master, step by step. A punching bag is a good opponent to start with! It is an important part of kick boxing equipment. Being an expert kickboxer is working out strings of these basic moves to surprise, attack and pulverize your opponent. A kickboxing workout routine should be worked out with a qualified instructor who understands your level of preparation and developed capacity.

Our classes at Warrior Sports start you off in a 3 month orientation class for beginners, where you will be tought all your basic techniques. Your first month you will be tought your basic boxing and kicking techniques and combinations. From there on your next 2 months will focus on bag and padwork combinations, and start learning your parter work ie defences against the various punches and kicks etc.
Once you have completed your 3 months basic training you will grade and then move over to the intermediate class, where you will start learning higher level techniques.
The grading system runs from white belt up to black belt and we run 4 classes. Classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced. 
And for those that wish to compete we have fighters training, where you can take part in club level, interclub, provincial, national and international tournaments.