Practicing Muaythai is a vigorous workout and produces tremendous cardiovascular endurance. It includes running, skipping, shadow-boxing, pad work and heavy bag work. Muaythai has proven to be an excellent fitness, toning and weight control method with the added benefit of learning a genuine Martial art which is almost unsurpassed.


Muaythai (Muay Thai) has grown over the years to become a combat sport loved and practised all around the world. Muaythai under IFMA has become a fully recognised IOC sport.

There is always a strong sense of community at every Muaythai gym. There is a common interest in learning Muaythai; everyone is working towards the shared goal of self-betterment. Blood (Not usually),  sweat (definitely) and tears (sometimes) are shed during training, this is how the deepest friendships are forged. Friends who slay together, stay together.

Modern Muaythai encompasses elements of traditional boxing including the use of padded boxing gloves, 3 to 5 rounds with time limit, defined rules and take place within a ring (squared platform).

Muaythai takes its strikes and techniques from ancient Muay Thai, also commonly known as Muay Boran. Muay Boran was created primarily for hand-to-hand combat during warfare. As the sport evolves, dangerous techniques from Muay Boran that may be deadly have become forbidden in Muaythai such as strikes to the joints or back of the head.

For all fitness enthusiasts who are tired of running on the treadmill or lifting the same old weights, Muaythai is the answer. Besides learning different techniques and combos, modern Muaythai training incorporates a variety of exercises that makes training fun and effective at the same time.

Whether for recreation, fitness or competition Muaythai is an ideal activity that is fun and fulfilling.

Other than variations of punches as seen in western boxing (e.g. jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts), kicks, elbows and knee strikes are used in Muay Thai. Clinching, sweeps and throws are also used strategically in modern Muaythai to make it an all-rounded combat art. Due to the 8-point contact, the sport has proven to be one of the most effective stand-up striking art and practised by many mixed martial artists.

What do you get?
  • Classes are an hour long that include warmups and then techniques, bagwork, padwork, partner drills and techniques.

  • Free bonus Saturday morning open class.

  • Adults and kids classes available. 

  • Internationally recognized gradings and syllabus.

  • Internationally qualified Muaythai Kru's through the IOC body IFMA and the South African Muaythai Federation.

Class times:

Monday and Wednesday 18:30 (Adults 14+)

Tuesday and Thursday 17:30 (Kids and adults)

Saturday morning open Mat class 7:30


Once off joining fee of R350.

Kids Classes (4 - 6 Years old )

Cost R600pm (2 x classes per week plus Saturday open mat)

Kickboxing Classes (7+ Years old)

Cost R750pm (2 x classes per week plus Saturday open mat).

R1150pm (4 x classes per week plus Saturday open mat)

Muaythai Add on 

Add Muaythai 2 x per week to another option for R400

Open Gym - If you want to use the facility on your own without attending classes. R550pm or R400 as an addon.

Family discounts available for 2+ family members.

Book a trial class

If you want to give it a try before signing up book a trial class with the form below and let us know which class you will like to attend in the comments.